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We help clients address transformation in:

  • Customer experience
    What are customer expectations of my business, how are they changing, why are they changing? How should I respond in an omni-channel world? Clarify’s proprietary TEFF framework can help. See below for more details.
  • Employee experience
    What skills and competencies does my organization need to be successful? What implications does this have for organizational design, role descriptions, recruiting, diversity, compensation plans, training, talent development and retention?
  • Business performance
    How do we attract and retain high-value customers? How do we leverage data to make more effective and timely decisions regarding product and service delivery? How do we maximize profitability?
  • Business strategy
    How do we evolve our business model over time to capitalize on emerging market needs, trends, and opportunities?
  • Industry intelligence
    What forces and trends are shaping and re-shaping our industry? How will these forces impact my business? What resources can we leverage to monitor industry trends, and understand consumer and competitive behaviour?

All business leaders have questions.

Once clarified, they make better decisions.

Customers expect their dealer to be transparent in all dealings including consistency between online and in-store pricing with full disclosure of all fees and taxes.

For many customers, time is as valuable as the budget they spend on their new vehicle. Customers expect their dealer to provide as streamlined and efficient a process as possible.

In an omnichannel world, customers expect their dealer to engage with them in the manner they prefer. And with a “know me”, consistent experience across each touchpoint.

Today’s customers are looking for their dealer to help them acquire their new vehicle, not to sell it to them. The origin of the word is facile, the French verb “to make easy”, and especially true when acquiring an EV.

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