Angus MacBride Research is an international research consultancy specializing in automotive and new mobility, helping companies deliver excellent customer experiences. Our focus, in a transforming sector, is to enable established and new organizations to align their product and services to best meet the changing needs of consumers, regulators, and policymakers.


Established in 2008 in Melbourne Australia, Blue Flag specialises in transforming automotive information into insight to maximize the effectiveness of our client’s sales, marketing, strategic planning and training efforts. The Blue Flag team of developers, designers and problem-solvers not only understands the current marketplace, but knows where it’s going… globally.

The TRAK learning management system (LMS) will revolutionise the way you train and retain skilled staff. TRAK is user-centric, data-driven, and intuitive. We understand the importance of your team members, as they are the face of your brand. That’s why we empower them to become the best versions of themselves. With TRAK, you’ll take your learners to the next level and elevate your brand like never before.


Traditional communications and advertising agency creative and production teams with advanced capabilities in digital marketing, interactive video and in-retail digital signage. All our services and skills are grounded in a deep understanding of the forces transforming the automotive industry and the changing worlds of OEMs, dealers and industry suppliers. Universus Media brings innovation to automotive marketing.


itracks Realtime is the world’s most advanced online focus group and interview software, combining security, agility, and intuitiveness for a superior online qualitative research experience. Insights for growth.


We use our experience to help you improve yours. What is it really like when a customer visits, clicks, or calls your business? Get objective, first-person feedback to measure and improve your customer experience.


At Differential Asia, Voice of Customer (VoC) runs in our DNA. A well implemented VoC program allows an organization not only to capture, analyze and respond to all customer feedback quickly but also identify new trends and opportunities for future success. Headquartered in Singapore and operating across key automotive markets in India, South East Asia and MENA, we help our clients become truly customer-centric by successfully redefining products and services integrating traditional and digital tools into front-line operational processes.


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